Some other websites and links to Romain and his work you may find interesting

Veterinary Laparoscopy - the internet portal for all information on veterinary keyhole surgery in all animal species, with useful information for veterinary surgeons as well as animal owners, with a whole host of interesting veterinary keyhole surgery videos

Zoological Medicine - the company, through which Romain does much of his wildlife and domestic animal keyhole surgery work

Veterinary Cardiorespiratory Centre - the leading centre for specialist cardiology of dogs and cats in England. Specialists here perform more "keyhole" cardiology procedures, such as pacemaker implantations, than anywhere else in the UK. Romain provides keyhole heart and lung surgery at the centre on a referral basis.

Borders Veterinary Cardiology - Scotlands only specialist veterinary cardiology private practice

Edinburgh Zoo - the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS) manages not only Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park, but also numerous important conservation projects across continents in the wild

Scottish SPCA - Scotlands animal welfare charity, which also runs a Wildlife Rescue Centre, which admits over 3500 wildlife casualities, including over 100 seals a year, for rehabilitation and release to the wild every year.

Free the Bears Fund - An Australian based charity that runs and supports rescue centres for Sun bears, Asiatic black bears (Moon bears) and Sloth bears in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and India.