"Vet on the loose" is a 13 episode series on Discovery's Animal Planet , that follows specialist vet Romain Pizzi around the United Kingdom and Ireland, treating a whole host of animals, from pet tarantulas to tigers!

Somewhere along the line I ended up doing occasional TV work, and have presented or appeared in series on the BBC, Channel 4, Five, and Animal Planet. My latest series "Vet on the loose" followed me as I travelled around the UK treating a wide variety of animals, from tarantulas to tigers, as well as more common pets. It first aired in August 2009 on Animal Planet in the UK, and has snce en shown worldwide.


Here is a brief video clip from the series, where I gave a West African dwarf crocodile an ultrasound examination to help diagnose why she had a swollen body and a reduced appetite. It was really enjoyable to get to travel all around England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland meeting a wide variety of people and animals... and of course some real characters!